Secure Justice is a non-profit organization advocating against state abuse of power, and for reduction in government and corporate over-reach. We target change in government contracting and corporate complicity with government policies and practices that are inconsistent with democratic values and principles of human rights.

Most of our Board of Directors have worked together for 4+ years in the greater San Francisco Bay Area, and together, we’ve never lost a vote before any governing body. Coming to the table with varied skill sets, the synthesis of our collective abilities allows us to effectively combat the surveillance state, mass incarceration, and corporate facilitation of human rights violations, while we vigorously defend civil liberties.

We’ve presented on our work at the California Department of Justice: Protecting our Communities, Respecting our Liberties; RightsCon: Silicon Valley; Left Forum: The Rise of Big Surveillance – How Oakland pushed back and won: The Eleventh HOPE Conference; National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers: Predicting Policing; Berkeley Law School: Policy, Politics and Problem Solving; Berkeley Law School Information Privacy Law Association: What are Stingrays?; NYU Law School: Privacy Localism; NYU Law School: Policing Project; Georgetown Law School: Color of Surveillance; Berkeley Goldman School of Public Policy; Race & Policy Symposium; and Library Freedom Project/Noisebridge: Digital Rights in Libraries, and we have testified before various California state Senate and Assembly committees in support of privacy enhancing legislation.


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